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Zoom ugh let me fuck her

ugh let me fuck her

02.11.12 87
Zoom omg I would eat her pussy non stop

omg I would eat her pussy non stop

02.11.12 889
Do you like submissions?

Asked by themuprdman

doesnt matter

02.11.12 1
You probably get loads of questions but what made you decide to do this?
I think what you are doing is amazing. You are making a wonderful statement.

Asked by sebulas

It was my old roommate idea. We were bored so why not. Its not a big deal. People act like they never saw ass and titties.

02.11.12 0
your gonna catch something your fcukin dirty -_-

Asked by Anonymous

22 yrs strong w/o catching anything :) wheres my applause? lol

02.11.12 3
do u know that there are other pics of u on the internet? like on different websites and things like that.

Asked by johntumbling

Yeah I do

02.11.12 0
So I'm a big fan of a sexual position and I have NO clue what it's called.

It's like when you're 69ing, but the person on the top isn't licking, she's just getting eaten out by the person on the bottom. You know what I'm talking about?

It's not facesitting. Facesitting is a dominating position usually used in BDSM and usually doesn't have anything to do with pussy licking at all.

Is it actually CALLED "tongue riding"? Or is it called something else? Because it's my all time favorite thing to do to a girl ever.

Asked by no-more-daysofevilexes-deactiva

oh fuck!  thats my favorite position tooo!!!

02.11.12 1
What's your name or what do people call you? bc it doesnt say it anywhere onyour thing. jw :)

Asked by drprincessxox


02.11.12 0
can you answer privately?

Asked by laterandy

no. what are you tryna hide?

02.11.12 0
Have you tried treasome with two men?

Asked by Anonymous

hell no

02.11.12 0
when are u coming back to this... today right ?

Asked by slanginwood


02.11.12 0
Will you do a video

Asked by oralfantasy

yeah or upload a old one

02.11.12 0
Where in Cali are you? Do you like to meet up with people, maybe smoke a bowl?

Asked by please-bury-me-with-it

I dont smoke anymore

02.11.12 0
What's your other blog?

Asked by Anonymous

no way lol I’d have to kill ya

02.11.12 0
omg i can not believe I even remember this password

people in my ask saying I am fake. Yeah okay I will be uploading a video later if I make one…..but then again who are they to prove anything too. hmm well we will see:) hey guysssss

02.11.12 3